Taking Good Care of Your Skin

Since time forgotten, people have had an obsession with youth and beauty. In ancient times the Royal Bride-To-Be was pampered with the rarest and most exquisite treatments, which sometimes lasted for months, so when she finally appeared before His Majesty, she would be the epitome of beauty. Today, every woman still aspires to achieve that same level of beauty…and that same level of confidence.While heredity plays an important part in our skin health, environmental factors equally affect the skin. Today, with the right beauty treatment, there is no reason why every woman cannot look her beautiful, confident best.Both men and women nowadays are concerned about looking young. Americans are spending billions of dollars on products that will help conceal their age right from hair dyes to plastic surgery. Many factors in today’s world can lead to premature ageing-inadequate diet, exposure to the sun, cigarette smoking, pollution, stress and emotions, too much alcohol, caffeine, and even too much sugar!There are various anti-aging treatments available depending on the extent of treatment required.

  • Regular facials from your beautician are an excellent way to rejuvenate the skin and keep it soft and supple.
  • Botox means you no longer have to accept your wrinkles. It provides a way to temporarily eliminate brow furrows, frown lines and crow’s feet. The results are only temporary.
  • When hyaluronic acid face fillers are not topically applied, they bind to water and provide volume to easily fill in larger folds of skin around the mouth and cheeks. A treatment lasts four to six months.
  • Face lifts mainly benefit the cheek and neck area. Incisions are made in the hairline of the temple, around the ear, and into the hair behind the ear. The skin of the cheek is then lifted and the excess removed.
  • Chemical peels and dermabrasion rejuvenate skin that is dull. After such treatments, patients emerge with radiant skin.
  • Laser rejuvenation is another technique that can be used to remove signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dark spots and bring back youthful freshness to your face.

Cosmetic surgery should be performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. However, all of these procedures tend to be risky, painful and very expensive.Before resorting to these treatments, there are non-invasive and less expensive facial skin care options that you may want to explore Simple tips combined with good skin care products will keep you looking young for a longer time to come! Eat plenty of fruits, get enough sleep, avoid caffeine, alcohol and cigarette smoke. Keep your skin hydrated and use a good moisturizer if your skin is prone to dryness.For women who are younger, begin taking care of your skin now! Use a good skin cleanser, exfoliate and moisturize regularly. Always use a sun screen lotion. Sun damage is the primary source for premature aging of the skin and loss of elasticity, which may lead to photoageing. Older women will need to study their skin and available skin products to determine the kind of treatment they will require.A good night cream can be very effective in improving your skin health and retarding the aging process. Night creams are convenient as it does not interfere with a woman’s daily make-up. Men find it convenient as the application is not visible during the day. Besides that, there are some ingredients in night creams which actually work on your skin in the dark of the night!Most night creams contain Vitamin A in the form of Retinyl Propionate and Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid. All Retinoids become inactivated by light. L-ascorbic acid is also very light sensitive and the sun’s ultraviolet light will destroy it quickly. When you apply this kind of facial cream at night, it will work for at least 8 hours while you sleep. Retinyl Propionate reduces wrinkles. L-ascorbic acid stimulates collagen and elastin majesty skin, reduces pigmentation and acts as the major antioxidant in your skin.Besides Vitamins A and C, a night skin product containing glycolic acid, a natural fruit acid, helps to exfoliate the skin. Night creams containing such ingredients have been shown scientifically to have a beneficial effect on aging skin.

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