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Although the idea of brewing ale in the comfort of one’s own home no doubt holds a high degree of appeal for many ale lovers, the technicalities of actually getting started can seem daunting for many beginners. The ins and outs of how each piece of required equipment works can be a lot to swallow, as can be the science responsible for creating a perfect pint of fine, smooth ale.

That’s where today’s brewing starter kits come in. Such starter kits for brewing ale at home come complete with everything the beginning ale maker needs to get started in what can one day prove to be a productive and fulfilling hobby. There are two basic levels available on the market and which type is right for a particular individual depends on what they personally would like to get out of their decision to start brewing ale.

Basic Ale Brewing Kits

Many ale enthusiasts looking to get their feet wet when it comes to alesco home brewing opt for this very basic type of kit. They are incredibly affordable, costing on average around $40-50, and will typically yield about 2 gallons of fresh, homemade ale. Commonly included equipment includes a 2-gallon fermenter, enough raw ingredients to brew a single batch of ale, and a how-to manual to help beginners understand the basics of the brewing process. Brewing ale using one of these kits is a terrific way to figure out whether or not homebrewing is for you without investing a ton of money or time.

Advanced Ale Brewing Kits

Advanced level kits for brewing ale include everything provided in the basic kits. However, they also include the necessary accessories for bottling your newly made ale including siphons, reusable bottles, funnels, strainers, and so forth. They will also typically allow you the ability to start brewing ale in larger batches and many come complete with brewing aids (thermometers, for example) that help you keep a closer watch on the development and quality level of your ales as they’re created.

Advanced kits for brewing ale also usually come with a wider variety of ingredients, making them good choices for creative individuals who would rather not be limited to brewing only one type of ale. This is also the perfect option for people who have at least some experience with more basic kits and would like to take things to the next level, but still prefer brewing ale via the convenience provided by a preassembled kit. This type of kit can usually be obtained for $150-300 depending on the brand and the precise configuration.

Which of these two types of kits is right for you depends on whether you’d prefer to start with the bare bones of homebrewing or something that provides you with more creative flexibility in regards to your finished product.

The author of this article, Drew Brown, has one hobby. On his website Brewing Your Own. com he tells you all about the above systems like home brew ale kits in general or coopers real ale in particular.


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