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Ethnic groups had shaped the Nigerian culture and its culture tends to include more than 50 and 250 languages and dialects respectively. The writers and poets of Nigeria are very well known all over the world. Nigeria is very much popular for its music and English literature. The music preferred by the Nigerians is the folk tales and even some of the music artists are known among the entire world.

Apart from its language and music, Nigeria had been popular Nigerian Music in its movie industry known as Nollywood. On the other hand its culture had been famous for the sports sector such as football too. Football had been played among beginners of youth age and even professional people also preferred playing it.

The Nigeria national team had played each and every game in favor the country so that success can be seen among the team and the Nigerian people. In football ranking among other teams, Nigeria had been ranked on the 22nd place worldwide and on 2nd place in terms of African countries as officially stated by the FIFA World Rankings. The second important sport famous in Nigeria is Boxing, cricket and basketball. Apart from sports, the food that the Nigerian culture allows its people must be enriched in African carbohydrates and vegetables especially soups is most preferred among Nigerians.

People in Nigeria also prefer eating meat which must belong to deer or giraffes. The West African cuisine is preferred by the Nigerians and it adds richness to them. Different religions had been practiced in Nigeria in late 1990’s. In the north and south western region of Nigeria, Islam had been preferred as the major religion by people. Other people tend have their beliefs in Christianity, Catholicism and Protestantism. More than 50% of the population in Nigeria have faith in Islam and then other believes in Christianity and other forms of religion.



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