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You think getting your ex back is a pipe dream? Don’t be fooled. Her agenda might not seem obvious at first, but chances are she may be gravitating toward you without you even knowing it! Scope out her signals and find out if she loves you without exchanging a word. TheBusinessDaily

She tries to get a reaction out of you – If you think she’s pushing your buttons just to hurt you, think again. In reality, she’s testing the field. She wants to know how you feel about her without actually asking. Here’s her game in action. Let’s say she tells you she’s with someone else without you asking. She knows that if you become furious over it, you still have feelings for her. This means she’s interested in you and she wants to know how you feel about her. Don’t get angry that she’s with someone else. She’s signaling you to step up and take her back.

Stay in touch – She stays in contact with your family and close friends after the break up. This is a big sign that she wants you back. She knows that if she stays close by, the chances of you getting back together are pretty good.

She brings you up in conversations – So what, she talks about you. Great! She’s interested in you but is probably too shy to talk to you. Seemingly meaningless chats with your name involved speaks volumes. It may not appear to be a sign that your ex wants you back, but it’s a big one. It means she’s got you on her mind. She’s thinking about you whether she knows it or not, it comes out. Watch for this sign and getting your ex back is at the tip of your tongue.

She digs for info on you – Like a detective, she’s asks questions. She carefully plans her strategy to get you back. Her agenda is to find out what you’re up to so she can plan her next move. This is a sure sign your ex wants you back.

You’re in her spotlight – She focuses on you. Looking for your tell-tale signs, she’s paying attention to detail. She’s checking out your body language, your eye contact, the slightest grin, any sign to give her the green light. Even it she’s not facing you directly, she’s got you in her peripheral. She’ll try to hide it, but unless you catch her in the act, brief glances your way signal her attraction.

Body language says it all – The most powerful language of all, it reveals our true feelings without us even aware of it! Body signals can be spotted all the way across a crowded room. Notice her gestures as subtle as they may be. Her body will open up in your direction. Look for a smile, her shoulders back, arms open, relaxed face, wide eyes, lifted eyebrows. Just like the last sign, she doesn’t have to face you directly to reveal her true emotions. As long as she figures you could be watching her, she’ll continue to perk up.

How does she say it? – Pay more attention to how she speaks rather than what she says. The volume and pitch of the voice will always expose emotions from stress, fear, anger, and especially love. If she’s really into you her voice will be of a higher pitch. Listen for this signal and you can be sure that getting your ex back is easier than you thought.

Even if she only shows some of these signs, chances are she’s doing a good job hiding the rest. Don’t wait around until someone else steals her away. Take control of your relationship and get your ex back pronto! []



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