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The board of directors for an association-governed community must devote its time and skills to the betterment of the neighborhood. Although a condo management company can handle most of a community’s administrative needs, board members must attend neighborhood meetings and spend a reasonable amount of time making plans for the community. Otherwise, other board members will be left to pick up the slack, and the management company may have less leverage to render services that benefit the community.

If your association has a member who does not devote sufficient time to needs of the community, there may be a way to resolve the problem amicably. As with handling any official issue in the community, the first resource to consult is the community’s governing documents, which should have a section that addresses the subject of non-participating board members.

Interpreting the Rules

Most association-governed communities have a “non-participation” clause that requires members to play an active role in their position. The key is determining what playing an active role entails. If the language of governing documents is open to interpretation, a provider of condo management services can help establish minimum requirements for participation. Once  IT Support Company requirements are established, the board, with the assistance of the condo management provider, can assess whether an individual fails to participate.

If non-participation exists, the first step is to attempt to resolve the issue amicably by speaking with the person. In many cases, non-participation has an understandable cause, such as a member experiencing temporary health problems or having an unusually heavy workload from his or her day job. If the person does not experience a problem that prevents participation and will not acknowledge that non-participation is a problem, then action to remove and replace the individual should be considered.

How removal and replacement occurs depends on state laws and the governing documents of the association. In some cases, residents must remove the person via vote recall instead of the board dismissing the individual. A provider of condo management services will offer guidance in the matter. If legal assistance is needed, the provider will secure the help of attorneys.


A non-participating board member can be a difficult issue for the association to handle. But with the help of a condo management services provider, the problem will be resolved as amicably and quickly as possible. For additional information about how to address non-participation on the board, contact a provider of condo management today.


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