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London is famous for bringing the vibrant and colorful South Asian community along with the finest Indian chefs. The tradition of sub-continent has spread so much that the neighbors Brick Lane area offer a blend of curry houses and fusion restaurants. Nonetheless, those are in search of feasting on the Indian culture, they should visit Southall at any cost. Do not worry about traveling to different parts of Southall as Southall taxis will ease your trip.

Take a ride to District or Central line to Ealing Broadway through Southall taxi services. After that, take a 5 to 8 minute connection to the First Great Western Link railroad. Brace yourself to a whole new world – the world, which offers a sweet mixture of spices and incense, welcoming alugueldecacambassp the locals of England and travelers from around the world. Broadway is one of the most congested and densely populated areas present in the country. Cellphone kiosks line, tailors, spice shops, markets and restaurants present on the sidewalks of Broadway lighten up the area every day. The bazaar style malls offer handicrafts, fabrics and saris which one longed to get from their homeland. The wide range of food offered here is a journey itself. If you are in search of tasting southern India food, you need to visit the Palm Palace. The dish “Chicken 65” is their specialty and people from around the UK travel to Southall to eat it.

You will also find Jalebi Junction on the Broadway. A man here creates jalebi by squirting rings of leavened flour in oil and then dips them in the sugar syrup. Mirch Masala is also a must-visit restaurant which serves the best Punjabi fare in Southall. They serve all their dishes in Karahi style. The cook in an open-kitchen; all the visitors can see how the food is being prepared and how clean the chefs and the kitchen area. The restaurant follows the code of teamwork and makes sure that every meal is presented to the guests on time. From fluffy naan to keema and all sorts of desi curries, you name it and they’ll bring it to you.

Another best restaurant of Southall is the Rita’s Samosa Center. The customers of this restaurant place their orders at the counter and have to dine-in on long wooden tables. These long tables represent the tradition of family eating style in sub-continent. Rita’s is known more than the triangular starter filled with vegetables or minced meat. One must try their Alu Tikki Chat which is a spicy and sweet dish made from yogurt, potatoes, onions and chickpeas. Hands down, you will definitely remember what you ate back home when you dine at Rita’s.

If you want to enjoy and mesmerize the feeling of South Asia while living in the United Kingdom, Southall is the place you need to visit and Southall taxis are the best source of travelling..

Southall taxis are the best source of taxi service in the UK.


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