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I will get straight to the point. A lot of aspiring affiliate marketers (and even some more experienced ones) have heard from “experts” about the tragic passing of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, it seems they hear about the tragic news right after they have started to really believe they  robottogel can make some money with affiliate marketing. I understand why many of these marketers are frantically posting the question “Is affiliate marketing dead” in many forums.

You probably already know that some of these “experts” aren’t even experts at all. They are trying to use this as a scare tactic to try to lure you into buying one of their products. If you are one of these marketers that have fallen victim to this rumor I want you to do me a favor. Take a deep breath and relax. Affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere. Below are the 5 reasons that support this fact.

The Recession – I know you are probably thinking, “Isn’t the fact there is a recession going on more of a reason to think affiliate marketing is dead”? I am sure there were marketers out there promoting certain products that felt a pinch in their wallet. However, because of the economy, this is the best time to get into affiliate marketing. Why? It is because it opens up new markets with new products that weren’t in demand before.

Fortune 500 Companies Still Have Affiliate Programs – I think we can all agree that these guys are the reason we have a job as affiliate marketers, right? I think we can also agree these companies put a lot of time and money into doing market research. I am sure they can predict what people will be buying 10 (or more) years from now. If they felt affiliate marketing is dead (or going to die), don’t you think they would have pulled the plug on their affiliate programs a long time ago?

The New FTC Regulations – I think the new regulations are one of the main reasons marketers (recently) started to panic.I will admit I was one of them. I couldn’t comprehend how I would possibly be able to make any sales with disclaimers posted all over my site. Then I came to my senses.

First, I realized if the FTC thought affiliate marketing was coming to a halt, they wouldn’t have spent the time and money to come up with these regulations. Secondly, these regulations help separate the honest marketers from the scammers. With these new regulations in place, it will open up a lot of doors for both new and veteran affiliate marketers.

Shopping Online is in Demand – Let’s face it…People like to be able to sit in the comfort of their own home,shop from almost any store, easily compare prices, avoid long check out lanes, and not have to worry about taking their kids out. I don’t have ESP, but I don’t foresee millions of people giving up the ability to shop with the click of a button any time soon. So as long as people are wanting to buy products online, companies are going to sell online. Basically it all comes down to what customers want…and they are king.

New Products Are Being Made Every Day – A lot of marketers think affiliate marketing is dying because there is too much competition. Yes, there are some markets that are more saturated than others. Because there are new companies forming and new products being made each day, there is always room for more affiliate marketers. In fact, due to the economy affiliate marketers are needed now more than ever.


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