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If you are an avid golfer then you should consider booking one of the Pebble Beach Golf Packages to play on the world famous courses located there. Pebble beach in California is one of the most splendid cites around the globe where the concept and ideals of a real paradise  3km seems to be nearest to reality. The place teems with various spots perfect for tourists to enjoy their much awaited vacation. The beautiful 17-mile drive through the area not only allows a tourist to be more in touch with nature. Instead, it offers its spectators a chance to witness the awe-inspiring coastline of Monterey and the pine groves of the Del Monte Forest. Aside from the wide selection of shops and restaurants in the area and the various spots where one can engage in hiking, jogging, bicycling, or even horseback riding, the fabled spot also offers Pebble Beach Golf Packages.

Pebble Beach Golf Packages provide you with one of the most popular golf vacations around the globe known for the superb scenery it presents the golfers, the high quality service tourists receive, and the splendid golf courses that define superiority and class in golf activities.

Golf is at its best when you are on one of the famous Pebble Beach golf courses. A perfect proof of this is the fact that the place has been recognized by Golf Digest Magazine as the No. 1 golf resort in America in 2007.

The reasons vary. Some say that Pebble Beach golf is splendid because of its four famous courses. Each of these have their own golf history and legend, each of them was carefully crafted by golf and landscape experts, and each offers a unique set of challenges. Nonetheless, all four golf courses define beauty, a daring test, and a marvelous golf experience.

Still, others say that Pebble Beach golf experience is great because at each course, accommodations are the best. The staff that attend to the tourists are equipped with warm smiles that match the warm weather, and their service is akin to the one that you get in five star hotels.

As for the rest, visitors say that Pebble Beach is simply the best not because of the splendid golf activities and the fine accommodations, but because of the other perks and privileges that come with it. Top of this free benefit is the chance to roam around and enjoy the other breath taking spots in the area. Among these are the must visit Pebble Beach beaches; the Pebble Beach Equestrian center where you can see the beauty of the Monterey Peninsula and catch the splendid view of the Pacific Coastline, Cypress Point and Spy Glass; and lastly, the 17-mile drive where one can explore famous spots such as the Lone Cypress, Seal and Bird Rocks, Fanshell Beach, and Point Joe. Another marvelous addition to the package is the spa experience at the Spa in Pebble Beach.


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