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Criminal law initially poses a kind of warning to people because of the subject matters it deals with. Of all fields of law, it is the most physically chaotic and dangerous. The danger routes in the criminal cases per SE that is to control by criminal lawyers and the limitless threats that come along the way. It is a topic not everyone dared to join in the past. But because of some societal changes, criminal law was able to come out of its shell and was able to escape from its taboo bubble. To date, you hear the word crime almost everywhere – and it’s not because the authority has been very negligent to its responsibilities, but because it has gone mainstream. Series Who hasn’t heard of Breaking Bad, True Detective, Sherlock, The Sopranos, Prison Break, Hannibal and other top-rated TV series that tackles about criminal law? When I say mainstream, I mean mainstream. Because of TV viewers’ constant exposure to subjects that involve crimes, threats and killings they become more aware of this field of law and has become more equipped for when such things they see on TV happen to them in their own lives. Knock on wood! Crime Scene Are you familiar with that yellow tape that hauntingly sways in the dark after a crime or accident scene? Of course, you are. You have probably seen one at least once in your life. It usually has a label that says: CRIME SCENE. DO NOT CROSS. This yellow tape is in use to protect and keep the crime scene for investigation purposes. Proximity is essential in a particular investigation and the vicinity that surrounds with a yellow tape is the most important of all. Other than that, it is also used to block curious people who most likely just want to create gossip about something that’s related to criminal law. Law School We could assume that the exposure of people to crimes through the media is able to influence them in choosing a field they would want to spend their careers on. The everlasting plots of TV series and movies which always seem to have something new to offer to keep people going in wanting to feel more secure in their everyday lives. Going to law school and knowing all the bouts of this field of law is one ticket to feeling safe and protected. This is how powerful knowledge is. Despite its tangibility, it grips you and makes you fully grounded.


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