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Immigration Law defines the right of a foreigner to request a visa.

A foreigner, in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Immigration Law, has the right to request a visa if it is necessary for him/her to manage immovable property in Latvia belonging to him/her, or to accept an inheritance which is located in Latvia.

Since Latvia joined the Schengen area, Latvia’s representations abroad have commenced the issue of uniform or “Schengen Visas”, valid throughout the entire territory of the Schengen states. The maximum period a foreign national can stay in the Schengen area, with a Schengen visa, is 90 days in any half-year, counting from the first date of entry.

If a foreign national needs to stay in Latvia for more than 90 days in any half-year, then, depending on the situation, he/she must obtain a national long-term visa or residency permit. A long-term visa is valid only for domicile in Latvia, as well as for transit of other Schengen states for the purpose of entry into Latvia.
Notary law defines the conduct of inheritance proceedings.

A sworn notary commences inheritance proceedings after the following inheritance submissions have been received:

* Acceptance of an inheritance;
* Confirmation of the right of inheritance;
* The coming into legal effect of the last will instruction instrument;
* Renunciation of an inheritance;
* Reading of the last will instruction instrument;
* Refusal of a testamentary inheritance;
* Proclamation;
* Invitation of heirs;
* Protection of an estate.

Inheritance submissions must be received within one year of the death of the deceased by a sworn notary who is practising in the operational territory of the regional court in the last place of residence of the estate-leaver.

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