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Going into the sea and exploring what is beneath has interested people for many years to discover artifacts, repair ships and to look at marine life. The early divers faced the challenges of having to hold their breath while diving into the water which ultimately pushed people to invent and improve on diving equipment to stay underwater for longer and at increasing depths.

Divers realized that a device would be needed to breathe universitycafe through that would also deal with water pressure. Hollow reeds were used at first but were found to be inefficient because divers could not dive deep. In the 16th century, people used diving bells that used air from the surface to supply with air underwater. The diving bell would keep air as it was pushed under water but this became inefficient and restrictive. At this point in history, leather diving suits were invented as the first diving suits along with metal helmets to fight against the water pressures and be able to dive deeper. Air would be pumped into the helmets manually. Over time, the idea of a helmet that supplied air from the surface was further developed and perfected to increase the length of time spent under water.

The first air pump that was connected to a hose which was connected to a diving barrel was introduced in the 18th century by John Smeaton, a British engineer. Sieur Freminet, a French scientist, invented a breathing device that used exhaled air from the barrel. The latter resulted in the death of the scientist due to a lack of oxygen and more research was need for better scuba diving equipment.

With other scientific and technological advancements, underwater exploration improved. During the 19th Century, research was conducted by French and Scottish researches, Paul Bert and John Scott Haldane who looked into water pressure and the limitations of the body under water. Their research presented information about the safe limits for compressed air diving.

Modern day scuba diving equipment evolved from dry suits and rebreathers and was further enhanced due to the world wars which created a demand for diving equipment development. This was when the mask was invented to allow the diver to exhale through the nose when faced with water pressure and to expel water as well. Due to water pressure, the dry suit also evolved into the wet suit made of new material that had buoyancy control.

The evolution of scuba diving equipment was a worldwide exploration with international efforts to perfect the diving gear. Scuba divers are now able to breathe longer and explore deeper areas of the sea to uncover new information and artifacts.

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