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Have you ever stumbled on a word and just could not get the right spelling on it?

I’m online a lot and I am always writing something, either for a web page or an eBay auction. I will admit I’m not the world’s best speller, but the frustrating part is when I have a brain freeze on common words I know how to spell. Some days the word will just not come to mind, EVEN if I have spelled it a half a dozen times.

Seems like my brain just locked up. Maybe it is because I had a busy day or I have other things running through my mind like a steam engine headed down the tracks.

If I’m working in MS Word and have misspelled a word or need the correct spelling when I see that little red underline that tells me you have a MISSPELLED WORD I use the built in spell checker.

Sometimes the built in spell check will just not give me the spelling I need. It will produce words that is not the word I’m trying to spell.

Well, one day I thought MAYBE I can unlock my brain and find the word online. So I open my browser and go to the Google Search Engine my favorite search engine for looking for all sort of things from “Best Web Host, Accept Credit Cards to Anti Spam Software”. I just type in the word I’m trying to find the correct spelling for.

To my amazement Google will respond did you mean “this word”? I look at the word and YES that is the word I’m looking for!

When trying to get my fingers to work with my brain in spelling a word, sometimes I have either left out a letter or two. Switched letters around or totally messed up the spelling I can always count on Google to correct it for me and give me the right spelling.

So if you need a free online spell checker jump over to Google’s website. What ever Google is using for an electronic spell checker, it has my vote and I give Google an A++

So if you are looking to buy a domain name or correct bad debt Google will point you in the right direction along with helping to check your spelling.

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