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The WeatherBeeta company leads the way in horse blanket and rug innovation. Their technology, design and the quality of their products have made them a world leader in equestrian products.

With outlets and extensive distribution in several countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., the USA and Canada, wherever you are located and whatever your weather conditions, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a Weatherbeeta product to suit your needs.

WeatherBeeta horse clothing is specifically designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit for your horse. The goal is to ensure that the product will stay in place and perform effectively.

WeatherBeeta blankets can easily be one of the most important investments you can make in order to ensure your horse’s health and attractiveness.

WeatherBeeta horse blankets come in just about every variety, wisegolfers  size, color and style that one can imagine. They offer a simple and economical means of protecting your horse from the rain, snow, mud, cold weather temperatures and more.

Many WeatherBeeta designs are also available with detachable neck rugs. A number of important features are built in across the breadth of the product line. Among these features are breathability, taped seams, waterproof material and ‘ripstop’. According to Weatherbeeta, “by modifying the warp and weft of the fabric, the fabric is able to ‘contain’ any rips or tears. WeatherBeeta fabrics feature hundreds of small squares that give them a unique checkerboard look. In the event of a rip, these small squares contain the rip and stop it from spreading the length of the fabric.”

Additional important elements, the freestyle gusset and shoulder dart, are added for your horse’s comfort and ease of movement. WeatherBeeta’s unique ‘cupped’ shoulder darts conform to your horse’s shoulders to allow for fluid movement, and the full-wrap tail flap provides needed protection from the elements. Quick front snap clips and custom-shaped padding in the withers add real value along with the other special features.

It is worth mentioning that WeatherBeeta also offers dog beds and blankets, dog rugs or coats, pony blankets and fly sheets, Landa newborn foal and growing foal blankets, rain sheets, turnout sheets and blankets, additional sheets, including fly sheets, both a scrim sheet and a continental sheet, a fleece cooler and fleece quarter sheet.

Summer Rugs and Sheets

Choose from a broad array of products, including Orican Freestyle Detach-a-neck combo Lite, Orican Original Standard Neck Lite, Landa Original Lite and Landa Freestyle Combo Lite.

Winter Rugs and Sheets

Make sure to take the cooler weather conditions in your part of the world into consideration when selecting the best winter clothing for your horse.

Among the many options are Orican Freestyle Heavy, Orican Original Combo Medium, Taka Original Detach-a-Neck Heavy and the Landa Original Combo.

(Some of the unique features of the Taka Original Detach-a-Neck Heavy blanket are the ‘comfort cuff’ for added warmth in the neck area, quick clip front closure, the wither relief pad, removable elastic leg straps and Detach-a-Neck.)

Having such a broad array of blankets (or rugs) and additional products to choose from can present a challenge. While the main purpose of the rug is to keep your horse warm and dry during the colder months, you’ll also want to make sure that the rug fits your horse correctly.

In our next article, we will discuss the topics of how to properly fit a horse rug or blanket, as well as the care and maintenance of WeatherBeeta horse blankets, rugs and sheets.



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