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Here are a few ways to promote your affiliate link:

Article Marketing: Write an article describing the features and benefits of the product
eMail Marketing: Use your article as an advertisement in ezines or mailing lists
Classified Ads: These are available all over the Internet for free
Pay Per Click Marketing: sarahsblessing Choose the best place for your ads
Many of the larger affiliate sites offer training and promotional materials for your use for free
You are only limited by your imagination on how to market your affiliate link. Be creative. Step “outside the box” and create a new way that works for you. You can also research Online Marketing by searching the Internet. Online Marketing is a huge field and there are tons of informational products already written on the subject. Take advantage of that and you are on your way to financial freedom.

Making Money

Affiliate marketing is all about making money for both parties and often the commissions on sales (buyers you send to the site through your affiliate link) are 50% or higher! Some of the better affiliate programs pay as high as an 80% commission on every sale you make.

Although the product owner handles the product delivery, customer service and virtually everything else beyond your referring targeted potential buyers to them, including overhead, you get paid the same amount if not more as they do on the sale! Your only overhead is your domain (usually under $10 a year) and web space (a few dollars per month) if you decide to do review sites.

You can use the many free advertising venues such as online classified ads, article submission sites and more to refer traffic to your affiliate link site, however you would be missing out on building a much higher income potential because you would not be able to push these articles up in the search engine rankings as easily as if you had a domain. Getting traffic from search engines is the gold mine of affiliate marketing!

Thank you for your time and interest in learning more about affiliate marketing. Choose your affiliate programs and products carefully and wisely. We hope we have provided some insight into what to expect if you decide to enter the affiliate marketing arena. We wish you the best in planning your strategies and implementing your plan.

Just remember, if you keep doing what you are doing now, you can expect to keep getting the same results. We urge you to challenge yourself, move off your comfort zone and try something new. It can be very rewarding both in satisfaction and financially…

You do not have to want to become a full time marketer to enjoy affiliate marketing. Use it for a little extra Christmas money or to put a little spending money in your pocket you can just blow on something you have been wanting.

Step “outside the box” and give it your best shot.

All of the affiliate program features mentioned in this article (and many, many more) are available at the Affiliate Success For Life [] website. We provide hundreds of products for affiliates to choose from in over 150+ categories. Pick one, pick them all. They are sitting there waiting for you to join us and begin or expand your affiliate marketing with a top-notch affiliate provider. We add products regularly as well as a continually expanding list of features such as pre-made websites, training, ad tracking, affiliate discounts, a product storefront and free promotional resources. Optional add on features such as add your picture, pay per click advertising and promotional ad writing. We have a unique and different program that we challenge you to find anywhere else on the Internet. We will even compensate you for writing promotional ads if you are so inclined or post your testimonial to our home page for some free advertising for you. We encourage our affiliates to offer suggestions on how to make things better for everyone … and yes, we do listen. Come by and give us a try, we think you will like what you find…

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