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Per the incidental signs recorded in my past article, Jesus in a real sense advises the witnesses up close and personal what the signs are that will tell us when He is about prepared to return to our earth for His subsequent coming. The stanza is from the good news of Matthew and it peruses as follows:

“Advise us, when will these things be? Furthermore, what will be the indication of Your coming and of the finish of the age? What’s more, Jesus replied and said to them: “Notice that nobody bamboozles you. For some, will come in My Name, saying ‘I’m the Christ,’ and will trick many. What’s more, you will know about wars and gossipy tidbits about wars. See that you are not upset; for every one of these things should reach pass, yet the end isn’t yet.

For country will ascend against country, and realm against realm And there will starvations, diseases and seismic tremors in different spots. All these are the start of distresses. At that point they will convey you up to affliction and murder you, and you will be despised by all countries for the wellbeing of My name. And afterward many will be irritated, will sell out each other, and will loathe each other. At that point numerous bogus prophets will ascend and beguile many. What’s more, since disorder will proliferate, the adoration for some will develop cold. Yet, he who suffers to the end will be saved.

What’s more, this good news of the realm will be lectured taking all things together the world as an observer to all the countries, and afterward the end will come.” (Matthew 24:3-14)

2. Another section on the bogus christs and bogus prophets that will come is likewise found in Matthew. It peruses:

“For bogus christs and bogus prophets will emerge

also, give incredible indications and marvels, to misdirect,

on the off chance that conceivable, the choose.” (Matthew 24:24)

3. Paul likewise discusses the condition of man in the last days and how terrible man will get. Here is the refrain:

“Yet, know this, that in the LAST DAYS unsafe occasions will come. For men will be admirers of themselves, admirers of cash, blowhards, glad, blasphemers, defiant to guardians, unthankful, unholy, cold, unforgiving, slanderers, without restraint, severe, despisers of good, double crossers, obstinate, haughty, admirers of delight instead of admirers of God, having a type of righteousness yet denying its force.” (2 Timothy 3:1)

4. Paul likewise states in the last days that a few Christians will withdraw from the confidence because of the impact of evil spirits. The stanza is found in 1 Timothy.

“Presently the Spirit explicitly says that in LATTER TIMES some will leave from the confidence, offering notice to deluding spirits and regulations of devils.” (1 Timothy 4:1)

5. Here is the stanza about end time prediction being fixed up until the cows come home – at which time this section suggests that God will at that point be opening up our comprehension of it. This is a heavenly messenger addressing Daniel in the Old Testament after he just completed giving him dreams and information on the thing was coming toward the finish of times.

What’s more, he said, “Turn out well for you, Daniel, for the words are shut everything down fixed till the hour of the end … also, none of the devilish will

see, yet the savvy will comprehend.” (Daniel 12:9)

The entirety of the above are what I consider the incidental signs that will begin to happen as we begin to move toward the hour of Jesus’ second going to our earth. The following 7 are explicit occasions that will happen in wonderful sequential request. Just one of these occasions has happened as of now, the other 6 have not.

The long term Great Tribulation will be the commencement to when Jesus will return. This long term Great Tribulation will be the most recent 7 years on earth before Jesus returns to us in His subsequent coming. There’s an occasion that will happen directly in the center of the Great Tribulation called the “Cursed thing of Desolation.” Once this occasions happens, the Bible discloses to us that there will at that point be actually 42 months before Jesus returns to our earth for His subsequent coming – three and half years from the hour of this one occasion. The “Cursed thing of Desolation” will be the point at which the Antichrist seats himself up in the reconstructed Jewish Temple to declare himself to be God.

This occasion will be not difficult to get once it occurs with the innovation that we presently have set up to get news occasions as it is really happening all through the world. In my next arrangement of end time articles, I will give a short clarification of the other 7 key occasions that will happen – with one of them having just happened.

This is the second piece of a 22 section arrangement on the last days.

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