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You can find out here how to remove Tile Removal Newcastle without causing damage to the underfloor heating. We present different ways to successfully remove tiles. Whether wall or floor tiles, kitchen or bathroom – if you want to remove tiles for every situation, you will find the right help and valuable tips on this page.

Anyone who acquires an existing property and would like to renovate or convert it will at some point also face the problem of having to replace the tiles . But at some point you get tired of the old bathroom and want to renew it from the ground up, for example because the latest bathroom trends should find their way into your home. But not only the bathroom offers the possibility of having to deal with the subject of “Tile Removal Newcastle“.

This also applies to the kitchen, the basement and other rooms in the house or apartment. Here, too, the floor and walls – the latter at least partially – are tiled. When replacing the kitchen cabinets, the replacement of the tiles can also be planned in order to completely renew the kitchen. Here, too, the first thing to do is to remove the old tiles.

But what options do I have to remove the old tiles? This text is intended to explain this in more detail below. Both methods that are used by professional craftsmen and those that are suitable for hobby craftsmen are discussed. Of course, as usual, our tiling experts from our shop are at your side with help and advice. Simply call our support hotline on +49 (0) 6207/922 582 .

Preparatory work
Once you have completely cleared the bathroom or kitchen and masked the windows and doors as well as the sanitary facilities with a film, you can start removing the tiles. You will need, among other things, a screwdriver, mallet, chisel, a bucket for the rubble, a pry hammer with a flat chisel attachment or a rotary hammer, a construction bucket, a dustpan with a broom, protective goggles and a protective mask. Using an industrial vacuum cleaner is also useful to vacuum up dust and small chunks of old glue or tiles. Also provide the bag of tile adhesive , the grout and the new tiles, which you can purchase in our online shop, for example.

Tile Removal Newcastle

The simplest option
The easiest thing to do is to lay new tiles on top of old tiles. The latter must be completely intact. There must also be no major damage in the joints or in the wall. The only remedy here is a complete replacement of the tiles and any further measures. If you have any further questions, we recommend our guide ” Tile on Tile – Getting Everything Right in 2 Steps “.

Remove individual tiles
If you only want to remove a single, broken tile, you can remove the grout around the affected tile here. A multi-tool with a milling attachment, for example, is suitable for this work. If the tile is exposed by removing the grout, a hole is made in the center of the tile. Carefully remove the tile from the inside out. Then clean the substrate, apply the required amount of tile adhesive and then place the new tile. Once the tile adhesive has dried, you have to re-grout the tile. We already have a guide ready for you, which explains all your questions about ” grouting tiles “.

Remove tiles with a hammer and chisel
Remove tiles with a mallet and chisel

First, you should tap off the Tile Removal Newcastle wall with a screwdriver handle or other tool. As soon as you hit a hollow, you will hear a muffled sound. Take your mallet and chisel and remove the first tile. Now you have enough contact surface for the electric pry hammer, which is equipped with a flat chisel attachment. The cutting edge of the flat chisel has an incline of about 45 degrees and should be set as precisely as possible at this angle. Once you have removed all the tiles, smooth the surface and remove the rubble by pouring it into the container provided. You can only start laying the new tiles when the surface is clean and level.

Have wall and floor tiles removed by a professional
Professional removal of the tiles

Many professional craft businesses remove wall and floor tiles with the use of a hammer drill. This is most effective when all joints are removed with a hammer drill. In many cases, the wall tiles then almost fall to the floor by themselves. Before doing this, you must of course find out where electrical cables and water pipes run. These areas are particularly careful to work on, preferably by hand with a chisel, in order to prevent any damage.

Professionals also often use rotary hammers to remove the floor tiles. The hammer should be as flat as possible to the floor in order to prevent deep penetration into the floor and thus possible damage to the underfloor heating. It is therefore essential to obtain information on how deep the underfloor heating is in the floor. If this is close to the surface, you should not use the hammer drill and remove the tiles with the hand chisel and the mallet.

Contact a professional tiler
If you are unsure, you should definitely consult a specialist or have them remove and re-lay the tiles. This is significantly more cost-effective than, for example, repairing the underfloor heating with incorrect removal of the tiles. We are happy to be at your disposal with over 15 years of experience ( find out more about our services as a tiler and contact us ).

You can purchase your new tiles, but also the tile adhesive and the grout, in our online tiler information shop . Here you will find a large selection of different floor and wall tiles as well as many other tile variations . Our customer service staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone or by email.

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