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The energy industry is changing. New government polices, as well as the awareness of the negative impact global warming imposes on the environment, has forced law makers to tighten their grip on the – once free to roam recklessly – energy industry.

Less expensive solar technology, along with (plug and play) easy to use inverters and converters electronic products are leveraging the marketing effort for green alternative energy resources. This improved packaging appears more attractive to home owners, who are now more energy conscious then ever.

With the current carbon credit laws in place, power plants producers Járórács are now seeking ways to reduce their carbon emission. Power companies are also integrating alternative energy as part of their overall production. In addition to their integration drive, power plants are rewarding consumers who help in this struggle (encouraging customers to use less and install energy saving systems). All this act of good faith, reflects the pressure the government is applying on the industry to clean up it act; but more importantly, this reflects the achievement of environmentalist and the influence they exhibit on law makers to recoil the dilemma of global warming. Good job.

This is a win-win situation for the consumer (at lease that’s the make believe); use less energy in order to safe the Earth. This is only the surface of a well articulated political illusion.

But this behavior is no longer acceptable, where the government does just enough to keep the environmentalist out of their ear, and the power company pretends to care only to keep the government happy.

Besides, a government imposed fine on the power company will only reflect in the consumer pricing- yes, when the power company default the consumer pays.

Alternative energy, such as wind and solar are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, with this new carbon pollution fine on the power companies, the non carbon polluting companies can now compete. After all, there is no tax on the wind nor on the sun, this is all profit; and again the consumer gets the short end of the stick. When a nuclear, wind or solar plant comes on line do you see reduction in your electric bill? When an existing carbon fuel plant integrate renewable wind or solar to their system, do they send you a memo informing you of this upgrade and the saving to you as a result?

If you invest into a hybrid vehicle, you expect to reduce your monthly fuel cost. The idea is to save money and the environment, not to save the environment and make the power companies richer.

We are in the situation we are in today because of lack of consumer advocacy. We live in a democratic country, yet act as if we are under dictatorship ruled. We are not strong armed by the power companies to accept their costly polluted energy, at lease not by laws. Every home owner reserved the right to generate his/her own electricity. Affordable solar panels, small wind turbines, and power conditioning hardware and software are making this reality possible and more accessible.

Do you honestly think it is in the best interest of the government to pursue energy independence? Whose contribution you think found the expensive, over-extended campaigns? What do you think VIP contributors are contributing to and for? I am not to any extent saying consumers are naive; all I am saying its time middle class consumers stop allowing themselves to be treated like the stepchild.

Increase concerns about global warming trigger an escalating concern, and so the cry for energy independence become louder in Washington – but that all that is – the tune of politician gibberish. The prior president also mentions of energy independence, ironically, the same time that California car companies were killing the electric cars. Several president spoke of the urgency for energy independence, none did anything. Here we are today, consuming even more and doing less. Do you really think this administration is any different? Americans have heard the talks- now it is time to walk the walk. I say, ‘show me’.

Washington methods perpetuate. They will place stiffer fines on the power company; these company will integrate enough renewable energy to keep them operational efficient while passing along any government fine onto you the consumer, while blaming you the consumer for consuming and wasting. You then feel guilty and cut back on your consumption, deprive yourself of the luxury modern technology provides and you so richly deserve. This idiotic propulsion must stop.

It is time for action – a different kind of action. This time it’s personal.

Instead of pushing for energy independence, lets’ take a tare approach and look closer to home for the answer. Let root for Energy Grid Independent.

Let us send a clear message to the power company and the government through the transparency of our union – ‘step up or get up’.

Today we install solar panels, up-draft wind turbines, and conditioning devices to reduce our dependence, but even more empowering, let us demand off – grid technology so that tomorrow we can become fully independent. Like the old saying, ‘If we build it, they will come’; I say, ‘If we demand it – they will build’.

That right, if you hire a lawyer for representation and you are dismayed, surely you will fire him despicably. You are not getting justice from you power company and the government, why be condescending? Lets flex our consumer muscles and propagate a clear depiction and let it resonates throughout- Energy Grid Independent.

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