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SEO or search engine optimization has been around the web for only 10 years. In the start of SEO, there were no special techniques or methods of gaining search engine rankings. However, recently due to the awareness that search engines can be a source of unlimited profit for the companies, people have started paying more attention in how to really get rankings in search engines, mainly Google. And due to this, search engines have started making their algorithms more and more complex so that only legit and authentic companies are ranked on the top and get the well-deserved profits.

Recently Google has implemented different changes in their seo dubai search engine and requires websites to be more user-friendly, and it has also taken various steps to make sure that webmasters are not able to rank their websites on top of search engines by various unethical or shady techniques, which include keyword stuffing and cloaking.

Yes, in last few years SEO has changed drastically, and it has become almost impossible to now game the search engines and manipulate its results. SEO has now become more of long-term investment for business that shows results gradually in the long run.

Many webmasters, business owners believe that due to the recent changes in search engine’s algorithm, SEO is almost dead and will never bring in fruitful results. However, I am among those people that still believe that SEO is the best way to generate leads and making your brand popular online. Being an SEO personal professionally I strongly believe that SEO is here to stay for very long time, and it will always be the best option to get maximum organic and targeted traffic. Yes, the game of SEO keeps changing all the time, but it does not mean that everything we did in the past is now useless and will not be worth anything for our websites.

SEO is no more a mathematical equation or formula. It has transformed into an art, and not everyone can be perfect at this art. Recently, people have started emphasizing more on the quantity of links rather than the quality of links, which is why most of the people are actually failing. Furthermore, you should know that being socially active on web can do wonders to your website’s rankings on Google, as Google has started giving it more weight now.

Yes, the game has changed, but it is not over by far. You just need to be updated with the latest techniques and dos and don`ts, I am sure you will then be able to rank any website for any given keyword.

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