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The RLC-360 from Whistler is a GPS add-on module to the Pro-3600 remote installed radar detector. It’s one of three add-on modules available and we’d rank it as the second most important behind the rear radar unit and ahead of the add-on laser detector module. It’s sold separately from the main unit but enables a bunch of new features when installed. These features will add a lot of value to your radar detector, so we recommend that you get this module.

First and foremost, the RLC-360 adds red light and speed camera alerts. As you approach a red light or speed camera, the unit will warn you far in advance, which should give you plenty of time to slow down. These alerts come in handy as some of the speed cameras are very hard to detect and your radar detector alone may not provide enough advanced warning. Whistler provides free updates to the camera locations for a year, and after your free trial expires, you can buy a subscription to keep your device up to date in the future. The RLC-360 updates quickly and easily using the USB connection on the Pro-3600. The device also allows you to manually enter up to 1000 custom locations.

The RLC-360 module also adds a bunch of typical  top 5 phần mềm kế toán GPS functionality including current speed display in MPH or KPH, compass with north, south, east, and west voice prompts, an estimated trip meter, highest speed, and an odometer.

The standout features provided by this device are the speed based configuration settings. The RLC-360 can be configured to alert when you’ve surpassed a specific speed, which will help you stay under your top threshold in situations where you may forget (such as going down a hill). You can set up the device to go into one of the automatic quiet modes when you are traveling under a specified speed. You can also have the device automatically set a specific filter mode based on your speed. These last two features will help greatly with keeping the unit quiet when you aren’t speeding.

With a street price of a little under $80, we think the RLC-360 is a great value for the features that it provides and we don’t think any Whistler Pro-3600 owner should drive without this module. If you only have enough for one of the add-on units, we’d suggest the SWRA-36 rear radar detection unit, but if you can buy both, we recommend that you seriously consider the RLC-360


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