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Tamil Nadu is known for its religious nature. The city has over 34,000 Hindu temples which are several centuries old. If you are visiting the state for religious reasons, here are some of the best religious sites that you should visit.


It’s the seat of the cosmic dancer lord Nataraja. This temple has a hut-like sanctum with a gold-plated roof and towering gopuras. History has it that many chola kings were clowned here.

Basilica Of Our Lady Of Good Health

This is a Roman Catholic basilica that is devoted to Our Lady of Good Health. The basilica is located in Velankanni. Devotion to Our Lady Of Good Health is said to have started in the 16th century and is attributed to the three miracles which happened at three different sites around the Basilica.


It’s the largest pilgrimage center in Tamil Nadu and the most famous of the six abodes of Murugan. The temple has the highest number of visitors during the Poosam festival. During this time the temple attracts up 7 million devotees. Devotees visiting the site engage in a variety of activities such as shaving their heads and walking barefoot as a way of showing their devotion to the deity.

San Thome Basilica

It’s a minor basilica in Santhome and was constructed in the 16th century by the Portuguese explorers. The basilica is the main church of the Madras-Mylapore catholic Archidiocese. The unique thing with the Basilica is that it has an attached museum.


It houses the Ranganathaswamy temple which is a major pilgrimage destination for the Vaishvana community. It’s the largest Hindu temple in the world (covering an area of 156 acres). It also has the tallest tower in the world (196 ft).

Poondi Madha Basilica

It’s located in Thanjavur and houses the famous Poondi Madha Shrine which attracts millions of pilgrims.

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