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Avid gamers have often complained about how questing can sometimes be too tiring, time consuming or just plain unrewarding. If you are an avid gamer yourself, you already know how it feels when you are in the middle of a quest and suddenly someone bails out on you, killing your chances at completing the quest or when you spend precious time waiting for people to go online so that you can finally go on a massive quest. If you are tired of these occurrences, then you should try Top WAR Online Public Quests Guide. These quests prove that Warhammer Online has just created a supremely better game compared to most online games right now.

Unique only to the Warhammer world, public quests are quests that you can play by entering a specific area where the quests are taking place. Once you move into the said area, top up online a message pops on your screen to tell you that a quest is taking place and what your role can be on the said quest. Usually, public quests have goals that are too difficult for a small group to complete or accomplish on a given amount of time. This is how “public” plays its part. The quests are literally for ANYONE who happens to be in that area, thus making the quest goal (such as killing 500 creatures) possible.

The War online public quests guide have two features that would surely delight any gamer. The first is that you can join a quest at any given time. There’s no waiting time, or recycle time needed. Just step into the zone and get into business. This eliminates the problem of waiting for people to join in. Another awesome aspect of War Online public quests guide is that you are rewarded no matter how big or small your part in the quest was. If you or anyone else has to abandon the quest for any reason, the amount of time you spent doing the quest is still rewarded in the form of “influence.” Influence can be used to get other rewards once the quest is over. This aspect takes care of the problem of people bailing out.

Now, you might want to know what exactly you will be getting when doing a public quest. There are three types of rewards and they are:

Experience –

pretty much the same with other MMORPGs. Doing War quests gives you experience which in turn, increases your level.

Influence –

as I mentioned earlier, influence can be used to get rewards at the end of the quest. Influence depends on your participation in each chapter of the quest.

Contribution –

if you manage to stay all the way to the finish line (or the end of the quest), you will be given an extra reward depending on your contribution to the quest’s completion. It has nothing to do with the amount of time you spent on the quest, but more on what you did exactly (how many Squigs you killed, for example).

The things that I mentioned above just goes to show that Top WAR Online Public Quests Guide are definitely useful if you want to earn many rewards and level up faster. Watch our for the public quests in your explorations and make sure to join one because the rewards are surely worth it.

Do you want to start out one step ahead of everyone else in Warhammer Online and always keep it that way?

No matter which army you are, get your equipments right, avoid mistakes in spending mastery points, and know the top Warhammer online strategies at now.



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