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Retirement is a time to kick your feet up and relax. At this time, you might have worked for about thirty years, raised a few kids, and paid off more than just a few debts. This is also the time when you start realizing that you have so much spare time on hands, and that you have no idea what to do with it. It will lead you to wonder whether your saving allows you to live comfortably for the remaining years, if you decided to create additional income streams. With unlimited time and limited resources, it is good to consider one of the many retirement careers that are available online. These online jobs will be able to fill in the long hours with items to do, and help increase your financial resources.

Here are some retirement careers that you can consider electronicseeker starting now in preparation for the time when you declare a permanent vacation from your day job.

1) Business Consultancy – When you retire, you bring with you a wealth of information in the form of business strategies and best practices depending on the type of firm that you worked with during your years as an employee. This information is precious for current businesses, and they are willing to pay to access the experience you have. If you want to go into this, you may start considering the niche that you will like to work on, such as customer service, sales, or even marketing. Build your reputation as an expert in that field now, and you will continue to earn when you retire.

2) Buy and Sell – This is always possible, especially when you have eBay or some other bidding website as a platform. Though this usually requires some footwork, especially in terms of buying items to sell, you can also do all the purchasing online before turning them over as an item that people can bid on.

3) Multi-level Marketing – There are a lot of companies that do not have a sales force, but offer huge benefits for those who volunteer to sell for them. This is the concept of MLM, or multi-level marketing. This will require a little bit of networking strategies as well as online marketing, but with the proper preparation you can be earning a paycheck monthly from this business before you retire.

4) Advertising – The biggest online business right now is advertising. A lot of people have items to advertise, and does not have enough time to market it properly. Nowadays, you can very easily make money by taking advertising jobs such as article writing and graphic design, and then hiring others to do those jobs for you. You can do some on your own as well, but you can also have a team of designers working for you, then split the earnings.

The internet has created a vast amount of possibilities for earning, and people of all ages can take advantage of this. What you need is a little preparation and the know how, then you can supplement your retirement plan with an income from your online work. If you do it right, you can even help others by providing them with retirement careers of their own!

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Joshua See is a successful Entrepreneur, Top Internet Marketer and Global Team Mentor who trains others to achieve Financial Freedom and Independence by creating wealth and prosperity online. For more information on the Top Internet Marketing Tactics for building a successful business, please visit and request your free “Special Report”!



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