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This rental unit is a studio that also incorporates a L-formed segment known as a niche. These lofts are generally rectangular fit as a fiddle with the niche extending off toward one side. A huge number select to utilize the anteroom as a resting territory since it offers a feeling of security that you won’t discover in a standard studio condo. It can likewise be utilized as a home office, or in some other way you may need. They are more costly to lease than ordinary studio lofts, however they are as yet less expensive than one room units.  apartemen


13. Duplex condo


This is a condo of any size that has space on two separate floors that are associated by a private flight of stairs inside the unit. This format takes into account a truly necessary qualification between the rooms and different regions of the condo.


14. Exemplary seven/eight loft


An exemplary seven and an exemplary eight condo is like an exemplary six rental unit, with the lone contrast being the quantity of rooms: an exemplary seven has one additional room, while an exemplary eight has two more.


15. Junior 4 loft


This sort of condo has four separate rooms: a kitchen, a lounge, a room, and a proper lounge area. The fourth room is more modest than an average room and doesn’t have an entryway that can be shut. It likewise comes up short on a window, thus the unit can’t be viewed as a two-room condo.


16. Trio loft


This loft has a design that is like that of a duplex, then again, actually it has one more level than the last mentioned.


17. Miniature unit condo


A miniature unit condo is by and large more modest than a studio loft, with a normal size of 200-400 square feet. A miniature unit that is super productive will involve a living territory, a kitchen, and a restroom inside this restricted space. It is most agreeable when involved by just one inhabitant.

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