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Those, who proceed, denying, rather than paying keen attention, to the options and alternatives, with, their eyes – wide – open, often, aren’t, either, ready, willing, and/ or, able, to take the best steps, and path, forward, to make a significant difference, for the better! Our public officials, must, consider options and alternatives, with an open – mind, in order to prepare for, and beware of, potential DANGERS, and ramifications, in a relevant, and sustainable way. Simply. using populist rhetoric, etc, simply, doesn’t get the most desirable results, but, is simply, a form of, burying – one’s head, in his hands! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why.

1. Delve deeply; discover; dreams; dire: To some degree, these past four years, have demonstrated, the dire ramifications, of empty, populist rhetoric, when we needed someone, prepared to take responsible steps (even, if unpopular), in terms of pandemic policy, the reality of Climate Change, the need to protect our environment, and protecting all the rights, of all our citizens (not just his core supporters)! Public leaders must, consistently, delve deeply, and surround themselves, with experts, etc, in order to discover, the best path, to follow! If, we wish to avoid, dire, undesired ramifications, we must focus on transforming our dreams, to strategies, and a well – considered, action plan!

2. Attitude; attention; actions; articulate: Instead of making excuses, and/ or, resorting to blaming and complaining (instead of assuming personal responsibility, etc), we need officials, with a true, positive, can – do, attitude, willing to pay keen attention, and take the necessary actions, to change things, for the better! Public leaders words matter, and we need those, who articulate a message, which brings us, together, for the greater good!

3. Needs: What good does it do, if irrelevant issues, are addressed,domowyogrod rather than focusing on real/ true needs, goals, and priorities/ perceptions?

4. Greater good; generate goodwill: The greater good, should be the emphasis, of every administration, and it is essential, to focus on, generating goodwill, which unifies us, in a well – considered, focused way!

5. Empathy; emphasis; excellence; endurance: Shouldn’t actions be based on, effectively, listening and learning, and proceeding with the utmost degree of genuine empathy? This must direct one’s emphasis, and, good – enough, must not be considered, acceptable, but, rather, a real leader, consistently, demands his greatest degree of personal excellence! Since, there are, usually, obstacles, one needs to perceive these, as challenges, to overcome, and have the endurance, to proceed, forward, despite these!

6. Relevant; responsive; reliable; realistic: While a positive, can – do, attitude, is an important asset, this must be, based on realistic circumstances, etc, instead of proceeding forward, with rose – colored, glasses! True leadership is relevant, and responsive, considered reliable, and qualified, by the citizens, one serves and represents!

7. Service; stronger; solutions; sustainable; system: Reliable service must mean, making others, stronger, and more unified, for the greater good! Instead of empty promises, and rhetoric, there is a need for relevant, rational, sustainable solutions, which become, key ingredients/ components, of one’s proposed system, and plans!

Wake up, America, and make well – considered, decisions, regarding your choices, in the voting booth! Will you become a more – responsible American?

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