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About 95% of the people who tries to make money online fail! The reasons can be many, might be lack of knowledge, doing wrong things, working on wrong niche or category. Some times the starters get misguided easily and they end up losing money or time and they just give up. Most of the affiliates, paid surfing, surveys etc are cheat which gets the work done and never pay. So for making things easy we have started a webmaster blog site funda where we take interviews of successful webmasters, directory owners, bloggers and other successful people who makes money on the internet.

Webmaster interview is a new concept, where we ask some justmyfitness questions to the webmaster who is taking the interview, and they give their answers. Then we post those answers on our sitefunda blog where new or starter webmasters read it, and get it right from the day one. We ask them questions about how much them make online or how did they started off etc. These questions and answers help them to share their online money making experience, which helps people who are new and searching ways to make money on the Internet.

At sitefunda we do website reviews, this is not free but then it dose helps a lot. We take our time exploring the entire website and then make an honest review of it. Since we have a huge traffic on our blog so a reviewed site always get a lot of traffic from our website. Announcements is another new feature of sitefunda where we post your announcements on our blog, this is quick way to let the world know more about your services or anything that you are promoting.

Coming back to the interview part, and if you are a webmaster and own or operate some nice sites or blogs you can have your interview published on our blog, here are the instructions about sending your interview to us, we will post your interview on our blog and all this is absolutely free, you will also get a few links to your website which will be nice contextual links. Please read a few interviews from our home page and archives to know more about the interviews. We usually have a long list of pending interviews, as we post the interview in the same order as they come to us. There are about 6 interviews or posts on the blogs home page and a new interview is posted after two to three days. We try our best to give the maximum exposure to your interview and links. So if you post an interview please wait for some time and check back regularly, your interview will be posted when it’s turn comes.

Webmaster interview as a starter guide for beginners, yes the interviews acts as a starter guide. People who plan to make big on the internet can be hugely benefited from these interviews, our questions starts from how did the successful people start off, and this could be best answer that a starter webmaster is looking for. We ask how much money they have been making, we ask them what do they do for promotion. There are some other questions like which niche or category is the best there are a lot of such questions that can be found on this page and the answers of those questions are available on all the interviews on the blog.

Our site’s traffic is increasing everyday, you can see more about our traffic details on this page we have posted our traffic details on this page. We will try to keep the updates stats on this page, please check it regularly. Our aim is to help the webmasters in the best possible way and to get the most out of the Internet so that they become successful webmasters in future.

Thanks for reading this article, for more articles and webmaster interviews, visit [] If you are a webmaster reading this article, feel free to submit your interview.



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