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There are tons of opportunities on the Internet to make money. But you need to know how to generate traffic. Without traffic, you won’t be able to make any sales. Search engines provide a great source of targeted traffic. Master SEO and you have a much better chance of success. Here is a list of webmaster tools that may help you in your SEO campaigns.

1) Check internal page rank.

Many webmasters build links to their home pages, but they justmyfitness neglect their internal pages. Internal pages can also help to attract more traffic from the search results. The trick is to build back links that point to these pages instead of the home page. You can use an internal page rank too to see how these pages are doing in the search engines. The tool will display the page rank of all pages, so that you get an eagle’s view of how the search engines view your website.

2) Multiple keyword checker.

Want to know how your site ranks for various keywords? You don’t have to check the search results keyword by keyword. That is very time consuming. Using the multiple keyword checker tool, you can enter all the keywords and have the tool return the search positions to you.

3) Google banned checker.

Your website just disappeared from the search results and you start to panic. There is no need to be panicky just yet. Use the Google banned checker to see if your site is really banned by the search engine. Sometimes, you see changes in the search results because the data centers are being updated. This happens quite often and usually, there is no cause for worry. You can also use this tool to check the status of a website before you buy a website.

4) Keyword Density Check.

This is one of the oldest SEO tool on the Internet. It’s still very useful though. You can use it to check the keyword density of each web page. Make sure you don’t try to stuff your articles with too many keywords. Some webmasters discover that the keyword density is as high as 20% when they use the tool. That’s way too high! Keep the percentage to 3% or less for each keyword to avoid being penalized by the search engines.

5) Reciprocal Link Checker.

Link building is part and parcel of SEO. And one of the most effective ways to build back links quickly is to exchange links with other webmasters. This is known as reciprocal linking – you link to me, and I link back to you. Unfortunately, some webmasters betray the trust of other webmasters by removing the links soon after the link exchange. It’s really hard to check on the reciprocal links as the number of link exchange partners start to grow. With this tool, the problem is solved. You can now check the status of all your reciprocal links at one go.

6) No Follow Checker.

You want your back links to be “DoFollow” instead of “NoFollow”. Use this tool to check if your back links are “DoFollow”.

Using SEO tools can help raise search engine rankings, and they are also fun to use!

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