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Palisade, or stakewall, made of vertical pales put close to one another with one end embedded in the ground and the other usually sharpened, to give confirmation; regularly two courses of waler are added within side to fortify the divider. Wooden Fence

Picket divider, overall a midsection high, painted, deficiently fancy fence

Roundpole divider, similar to post-and-rail fencing yet more immovably partitioned rails, typical of Scandinavia and various zones rich in rough timber.

Record fencing in Mid-Wales

Record fence, a sort of palisade made of vertical areas of record wired together. By and large used in bits of Wales.

Split-rail fence, made of wood, regularly laid in a mismatch model, particularly in as of late settled bits of the United States and Canada


Vaccary fence (named from Latin vaca – dairy animals), for controlling cows, made of humble pieces of stone put upstanding, found in various spots in the north of the UK where sensible stone is had.[5]

Vinyl fencing

Solid divider, including:

Dry-stone divider or rock fence, as often as possible agrarian

Blockade fence, a solid fence made out of connecting or immovably isolated round or half-round posts, or stakes, ordinarily pointed at the top. A scaled back version of a palisade divider made of logs, most commonly used for privacy.* Wattle fencing, of split branches woven between stakes.

Wire divider

Smooth wire fence

Security hindrance

Zapped boundary

Woven wire fencing, various plans, from fine chicken wire to significant cross area “sheep fence” or “ring divider”

Welded wire network fence

Wood-board fencing[further explanation needed]

Made iron fencing, in any case called extravagant iron

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