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A trip to Las Vegas is a dream vacation for most people. While Sin City is more often than not portrayed as an adult playground (rightfully so), rest assured, a trip to Vegas with children is not a ludicrous thought .  Many people desiring to vacation in Vegas usually want to know how they can have a good time with their children.  The first step to vacation in Vegas with children is to compare various hotel room rates. Second to price, there are some obvious on Hotel venues to avoid – names worth passing over when planning a trip to Vegas with children include The Hard Rock, Hooters, and The Palms. While some might argue otherwise, beyond those three names, choose a Hotel that meets your specific needs (namely comfort and price).

When thinking of the activities children may enjoy while you indulge in more “mature” pursuits of the Sin City, it is important to consider age versus available activities. With that in mind, below we’ve highlighted some ideas for places to visit when enjoying vegas with children:

The Lied Discovery Museum is particularly geared to the younger set of kids. It comes equipped with play spaces, and in an educational spin, scientific “discoveries” can be made amongst its many displays. The museum also has informative children’s guided tours, creating a more enjoyable and educational experience.

The Preserve of Las Vegas Springs incorporates various gardens, interactive exhibits, and desert trails that children of a more “intermediate” age will likely find enthralling. And How about Circus Circus’s Adventure dome Theme Park? The amusement park is filled with carnival games, water rides, and rollercoasters. You could probably fill a couple hours here alone. Another idea for those visiting Vegas with children is to check out one of the towns many magic shows – these are likely to be particularly enthralling for children.  Some of these include David Copperfield and the Lance Burton Show at the Monte Carlo.

Elsewhere, the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef, featuring large aquariums and various forms of marine life, is worth checking out. The New York, New York arcade in Las Vegas features a rollercoaster and arcade games – an enjoyable time when visiting vegas with children of an older age.  An ESPN Zone is also located within the premises – drinks and wings time!. Children and adults alike can also be entertained at the Gameworks, next to the hotel MGM Grand.


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