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I didn’t really know much about poker or Texas Hold ’em up until a few years ago. I was sitting in my chair surfing the TV channels looking for something watch. I eventually stopped on ESPN, the gold standard for men who just like to “veg” out in front of the TV and watch something remotely related to sports.

That particular night, well actually that particular week, they were running the World Series of Poker. It is the be all end all tournament for die hard poker players. At the time it featured hundreds of people from all walks of life competing to take home the one million dollar prize.

As I watched it I found myself intrigued as to the way game was played, the way the players interacted with one another and so on. However what made it more exciting was a little known competitor from Tennessee, an accountant, who decided to throw his hand in the ring and take a shot.

It was this player’s uncanny ability to outsmart his opponents and work himself all the way up to becoming the World Series of Poker champion. Here is what Chris Moneymaker did. He was able to beat out hundreds of other opponents and when it came down to just him and Sammy Farha, a poker veteran, Moneymaker pulled an unbelievable bluff. He had nothing in his hand where Farha would have easily beaten him had he just stayed in.

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