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It’s actually a pretty good time to be a natural health company.

While the recession is squeezing companies right and left, the natural health industry has a little more breathing room. Plenty of companies – from retailers such as to manufacturers such as Twinlab-manufacturer ISI Brands – report continued growth into the new year.

Consumers facing the loss of their jobs and health insurance, as well as budget restraints on health care spending over, all are looking for alternatives. highlandvillagechiropractic And many of them are turning to nutritional supplement companies for answers. Now don’t take this as unbridled optimism. Plenty of nutrition companies are feeling the pinch. The key is to market effectively. As a copywriter who specializes in nutritional supplements and natural health products, I’d like to share a few tips with you for reaching your prospects and claiming your corner of this growing marketplace:

Position yourself as a solid, reputable resource.
With tough times comes a hard boiled perspective. Consumers are looking at advertising ever more critically… and they’ve got more resources for checking on you. A recent survey of 500 people conducted by technology company NCR found that 53% of consumers are using the internet more to research products to buy. So be there for them when they do. While you want to sell your products, make your website a go-to resource for good, solid information as well. Consumers who feel that you’ve been helpful in their research process will be more likely to come back to you when they are ready to buy.

Dot all your i’s and cross your t’s.
Now everyone is required to follow GMP’s. But just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean everyone is highlighting it. Emphasize how circumspect your company is about pre-testing ingredients and adhering to best practices in manufacturing. For a skeptical audience, this can make the difference in a sale.

Explain things clearly.
Scientific jargon does not evoke respect. When someone is looking for a solution to help them with a health problem – a solution that they are going to ingest – they want answers. Remember, more and more nutritional supplement buyers are new to this market. Break things down, explain acronyms, use analogies and graphics. Find ways to give a clear picture of what you’re talking about. And when you’ve got copy ready for market… let your 8-year-old read it and see if they get it.

Don’t hide your flaws.
If you don’t have a safe, healthy product, you shouldn’t be selling it. However, as a former health educator with a degree in Biology, I understand how complex and powerful herbs are as well as the body’s reaction to them. Don’t be afraid to allude to that complexity.

Many new nutritional supplement users are concerned about losing access to their previous health care options and worried about what that means for their health. Instill confidence in them by giving them the facts they need to do the best thing for their health. If your product is contraindicated for someone taking blood thinners, mention that. If it isn’t tested for safety for pregnant women, let them know.

Your caution and honesty translates to consumers as concern for their well-being. After seeing advertisement after advertisement for pharmaceuticals that ends with a litany of “side effects”, consumers are more than prepared to weigh risks. Help them make a wise decision and they will thank you for it. It’s in your best interest to get returning customers who do not feel they have been misled and are ready to come back to you.

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About The Author
Sarah Clachar is a freelance natural health copywriter and author of the ebook, Writing Irresistible Copy For Nutritional Supplements, edited by Bob Bly. She writes direct response and SEO copy for both B2B and B2C companies.

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