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Today there are over 220 million users trading MP3s and videos legal file-sharing network. File-sharing has enabled music fans from around the world to build the largest library of recorded music in history. There are a lot of companies of the internet that offer “unlimited movie” downloads, or “millions of songs for free”, through a system called file sharing (or P2P – peer to peer).

File sharing is not illegal. Sharing copyrighted material without permission to do so is Illegal. This can be done through file sharing, through copying a tape for a friend, or by using a Xerox machine. All of these technologies have legitimate and illegal uses.

File sharing can be used to share a file you have full resharing rights to. File sharing is not legal if you are looking to upload, or download a full version movie, software or any media file that is not readily available for public download (i.e. is not free).

You can be assured that File-Sharing is 100% legal, that being said, to protect yourself, it is important to have a good understanding of the process of using file sharing networks and the tools available to enhance your experience.

Movie and music download websites do not condone copyright infringement. As a condition to use these sites, you agree that you must not infringe the intellectual property or other rights of others, in any way. The unauthorized reproduction, distribution, modification, public display, communication to the public or public performance of copyrighted works is an infringement of copyright. Users are entirely responsible for their conduct and for ensuring that it complies with all applicable copyright and data- protection laws. In the event a user fails to comply with laws regarding copyrights, other intellectual property rights, data-protection and privacy, such a user may be exposed to civil and criminal liability, including possible fines and jail time.

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