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The ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’ is a set of rules and best practices for IT services. The ITIL helps to ensure that the businesses have stable IT departments that can survive the changes in technology and business practices. The ITIL Practitioner is an expert in regularly examining and improving the IT service development processes.

The ITIL system works so well because its processes are very versatile and flexible. So ITIL can be integrated into any organizations’ system.

The ITIL Process:

The ITIL framework has different elements including practical planning guidelines and improving product development processes. ITIL consists of five phases, each related to a different ITSM lifecycle.


  1. Service strategy: This is about what goals you want your business to achieve and how.
  2. Service design: This focuses on IT service design for example the documentation and policies. It will help your business adapt to any changes.
  3. Service transition: This focuses on the steps between the completion of IT service development and the services going live for users.
  4. Service operation: This module of ITIL ensures that a problem management process is established to solve any problems that may arise during routine operations.
  5. Continual service improvement: This is about refining and improving different aspects even after completing the project.

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